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The Footsteps of a Champion program was created by top Sport Performance trainer and life coach Gregory Moss. This program consists of two audio program 10 Ways to Develop a Winning Mindset and Words That Inspire. Coach Moss will explain what the program is all about (Audio Link) Improvement of one’s game start with the change of one’s mindset. Improvement don’t occur from complaining and whining, talking about being good. Improvement comes from working hard, improving your skills and developing a positive and empowering mindset. Physical training is the cement of the body’s foundation, while the mind is the structure that hold everything together.

When these two are working together, the skills development becomes much easier and improvement occurs. These audio programs were developed to create that strong mindset. Every person playing a sport regardless of age and looking for improvements should be listening to these programs.

Coach Gregory V. Moss is the founder and past owner of Champions Quest sports academy located in Southern California. Coach Moss has trained and developed some of the top men , women and volleyball teams in the united states. Coach Moss mission is to help players and teams realize there true potential and develop a winning mindset. His mental training audio programs and training has helped develop high school teams that have won 3 California State titles, and 2 USA national open championship titles 17’s and 18’s open.

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Footsteps Of A Champion

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Improve Your mental mindset
Improve your confidence in yourself
Improve your over-all game
Start the mental process and development today


10 Ways TO Develop A Winning Mindset

This audio program will change your mindset and prepare you to be the champion athlete you desire to be.

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Words That Inspire

Play before practice and competitive games. Guaranteed to Inspire and change the way you play. It will prepare you for the battle.



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Secrets Every Parents Should..

An E-Book to know all the Secrets every parents should know about kids playing sports

I’ve seen firsthand the amazing training Coach Moss has done, with teams and individual athletes. He has developed national championship teams and a host of high school All Americans. He has to be up there with some of the most elite coach’s, when it comes to getting the most out of an athlete. His mental training audio programs do work!!

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RANDY ANDREWS Southern California

Coach Moss mental training program was very instrumental in the development of my daughter as a top Division 1 athlete. I myself still recite the many positive messages from his program.” You have to visualize, to realize your potential”

Rodjer Haely
Rodger Haley Southern Calif

AVP professional Beach Player (Top Ranked)
I started training with coach moss at age of 11. His training proved to be the solid foundation I needed as a young player. His mental training audio program 10 Ways To Develop A Winning Mindset is a must for any athlete looking to improve physically and mentally.

GENA URANGO USC Scholarship Player